*Weekly 30 minute private lessons are custom tailored per each individual student's ability & goals

*Our instructors incorporate the popular music the student enjoys so they are engaged and having fun!


"My son looks forward to his one on one sessions with his instructor every week.  He comes home excited about the note or notes, or new song he learned to play.  For me, the parent, it is convenient, affordable, and a great switch up from the after school sport activities!  Thanks Michael's Guitar Studio!"

~Brad T.

Arlington, TX

 Michael Hurtado (Owner)
 “Learning how to play the instrument is only one facet.  Music is something that every human is touched by and drawn to.  Learning how to play a musical instrument is a gift that can last a life time but most importantly instills a sense of confidence and pride in the student”
– Michael Hurtado                
                                                        Owners - Michael and Shelley Hurtado
                                             Studio Owners Michael & Shelley Hurtado



                                                   Ray Miles 

 Ray has been playing music for almost 30 years. A native of Arlington, he began playing guitar and bass while a sophomore in high school. He learned for two years under local virtuoso Joey Faust, while studying jazz and classical guitar at Tarrant County College. He is proficient in many styles of guitar playing including blues, rock, metal, jazz, and classical. Ray later expanded to piano, as well as mandolin, banjo, and ukulele. As a hobby he also dabbles in other lesser known instruments, such as the organ, autoharp, and the Puerto Rican cuatro. Ray has been teaching professionally for ten years and is a charter member and director of the Fort Worth Mandolin Orchestra.



                                                    Ron Geida

   Ron has been a player, performer, and student of the guitar for over 25 years. He grew up in Western Massachusetts starting off learning a solid classic rock/pop base of guitar music while taking lessons in school and privately.  He was later exposed to classical and jazz music and went on to study at Holyoke Community College and Westfield State College, earning degrees in Jazz Studies and Performance. After relocating to Dallas/Fort Worth, he went on to play in various bands, ranging from all cover/variety bands, to all original bands and everything in between, with range in many styles including blues, rock, country, jazz, classical, and reggae. He has toured regionally in and around Texas and has been on two European trips to play.

Ron has taught guitar for 16 years in Fort Worth and was an instructor at a summer session of Rock Camp USA. Ron is also a member of the Fort Worth Music Co-Op, and has volunteered as a guitar teacher with their sister group, the Fort Worth Music Outreach.

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