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Michael’s Guitar Studio’s private guitar and keyboard lessons are given once per week for 30 minutes each session. Need more information?

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Q: What type of equipment does my student need?

A:  You DO NOT have to spend a small fortune in order to learn and have fun with our music lessons! You will only need the basic equipment to start learning any instrument with us!  An acoustic or electric guitar as well as an electric tuner or an electronic keyboard or piano is all it takes!  PLEASE feel free to call for suggestions on what to buy.


Q: What instruction books do you use at your studio?

A:  We don't use generic instruction books at MGS!  Each lesson plan is custom tailored to meet each individual student's goals and ability.  We strive to make this a fun and rewarding experience for each student.  Our staff of instructors are highly educated and experienced so that you see fast results! 


Q: How does MGS differ from other studios? 

A:  The students at MGS enjoy a high success rate for many reasons.  Along with our highly educated and personable instructors, our teaching technique uses music styles and popular songs that students have an interest in (as opposed to a generic store bought book) to teach the necessary tools of any instrument.  Since the student will quickly recognize their favorite songs, they will be excited to practice, engaged and will look forward to their weekly lesson.  


Q: Who can take lessons at Michael’s Guitar Studio?

A: We want to share the gift of music with anyone who has the desire to learn.  Our current students range in age from 6 years – Retirees and everywhere in between.  It is never too early or too late for guitar, drum or piano-keyboard lessons in Arlington, TX!


Q: What will I learn?

A: Our highly educated instructors will assess each individual and will create a custom lesson plan for each student based on their ability and musical goals.  You will be given weekly assignments & will learn basics such as:





*Tablature / standard notation


*sight reading, ear training and rudiments of drumming


These techniques, plus our combined years of experience, are what have given so many students success and fast results.  Contact us today to be a part of something special that will increase self-confidence, self-esteem and gain a talent that will last a life time!

"My daughter and I are so glad we found Michael's Guitar Studio for our guitar lessons. Our instructor has been awesome and makes lessons fun and engaging. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have fun and learn how to play guitar!"

- Rob V.

We have enjoyed our experience at Michael’s Guitar Studio very much! Honestly I thought my teenage son would lose interest and want to quit. With our instructor’s relaxed and friendly teaching style my son has learned so much AND from the style of music HE wants to learn to play, not “Mary had a little lamb” or “Twinkle Twinkle little star”!

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